Professor Richard Capobianco’s Second Book on Heidegger Released in Paperback

August 5, 2015

Heidegger’s Way of Being,” the second book by Professor Richard Capobianco on the seminal 20th-century philosopher Martin Heidegger, has been released in paperback by the University of Toronto Press.

Originally published in hardcover in October, 2014, “Heidegger’s Way of Being” has received excellent reviews.

"This book presents an eloquent and compelling case... it is outstanding in its rigor and attentiveness to Heidegger's subtlety.  Capobianco presents an almost irrefutable case that Heidegger's focus always remained Being's manifestation... This book will prove indispensable to anybody working in Heidegger studies, especially those interested in his work on poetry, language, and Heraclitus." - S. Montgomery Ewegen, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Heidegger's Way of Being, by Richard CapobiancoCapobianco, who has been teaching a course on Heidegger since he came to the College almost 30 years ago, says that one of the great pleasures of teaching at Stonehill is sharing his passions with students.

“As the author, I can bring to students a sense of the excitement of the intellectual life and of the lively conversation that scholars have with each other beyond the borders of the campus,” said Capobianco in an interview about the hard cover release of “Heidegger’s Way of Being” last year.

“I can share with them the interesting questions and comments I receive when I give a lecture or attend a conference elsewhere. Students come to recognize that they are involved in this larger conversation, too, and this engages them all the more.”

In a reflection on learning about Heidegger from ‘Professor Capo,’ Andrew Bourret ’09 says he found Capobianco’s enthusiasm infectious. “It was obvious that Professor Capobianco was passionate about the topic,” he says. “He would speak with great enthusiasm — eyes wide with excitement, and arms and fingertips extended — whenever he was about to discuss some new idea.”

Capobianco’s 2010 book “Engaging Heidegger” received superb critical reviews and has become a widely read and influential book in the field.