President Cregan's Message To Stonehill Community

September 21, 2012

Dear Colleagues and Students,
Earlier today at the Board of Trustees meeting, I announced that I will be completing my term as President of Stonehill College in June 2013.
There will be an official announcement posted shortly but I wanted to write you personally before this is released.
Words cannot express what a privilege and honor it has been for me to lead this institution over the last twelve plus years.  One of the blessings of sitting in the president's seat is that you get to see the mission of the institution lived out from so many different viewpoints.  From faculty and staff dedicated to academic excellence and student success; to alumni who never forget their alma mater; to members of the Congregation of Holy Cross who animate and root the institution in the Catholic and Holy Cross traditions; to benefactors and friends who generously support the mission of the College; to a Board of Trustees who give of their time, talent and treasure to ensure that we remain focused and stay "on mission";and to our wonderful students whom I have taught, mentored, cheered and admired as we all have watched them grow in age, in wisdom and in grace.
And we can celebrate all of the hard work that has brought this institution to where it is today.  In our 65th year, the pioneers and those that have followed have built the institution to what it is today: a Catholic baccalaureate institution that is student-focused; where the quest for knowledge and truth is joined with the search for authentic community; and where the exploration of the spiritual and the secular are both welcomed and celebrated.  It is so clear to me that a college president is a steward in the truest sense of the term -- one who cares for a patrimony that had been given him or her and by whose efforts that patrimony is enriched.  I pray my tenure here has enriched Stonehill's patrimony and am confident that my successors will lead the institution to even better outcomes for our students.
The Board of Trustees and the leadership of the Congregation of Holy Cross will work together so that the Board of Trustees can elect a new president who will assume office on July 1, 2013.  I have assured the Board that the entire community will support them as they lead the transition of presidential leadership.
As for me, I will begin to discern what will be next for me after Stonehill.  As the year unfolds I am sure that there will be more news on this front.
In the coming months we will have opportunities to gather and share.  But for today, I simply want to say thank you for all that you do to support the mission of Stonehill College and for all of that ways that you have supported me in my role as president.
Yours in Holy Cross,
Fr. Mark



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