Alum’s Book Delivers Tiny Poems, Vast Thoughts

April 6, 2018

After a recent year of roller coaster emotions, David Wasserman ’08 turned his thoughts towards poetry and, in the process, crafted 100 tiny poems divided into ten chapters, each one focused on a different emotion.

Called Tiny Footcrunch, the book is a first for Wasserman, an English and Elementary Education double major at Stonehill, who has been teaching in a small Connecticut town for the past decade.

Universal Emotions

While the collection covers ten universal emotions--sadness, joy, anger, kindness, fear, love, confusion, humor, curiosity and hope, it does so in a broader context of society’s waning attention span.

As Wasserman explains: “This collection speaks to the era of texting tweeting twittering fast-paced visually digestible media we live in every day. Literature has changed. Long-form storytelling through print is falling out of favor while comments, posts and captions increasingly become the new narrative. My tiny poems bridge that divide.”

In writing the book, Wasserman credits two Stonehill alumni for their support, his wife Katie Wasserman ’09 and his former roommate Mike Ryan ’08. “They pushed me to be focused and disciplined in doing the hard work of actually writing and I am very grateful for their encouragement,” he adds.

Stonehill Mentors

Ten years after graduating and with his first book under his belt, Wasserman reflects to name three professors of English at Stonehill whose influence shaped his approach to writing and language.

“I loved all of my professors, but am especially grateful to Professor George Piggford for expanding my thinking about writing, Professor Sarah Gracombe for introducing me to new ways writers use language, and Professor Helga Duncan for bringing poetry to life,” Wasserman recalls.

He is currently working on a poetry manuscript inspired by the tarot, and another combining poetry and prose through footnotes and other ergodic structures.

When he has time, Wasserman says he “likes to sit with a local craft beer and notebook on his front porch - pause and breathe in the crisp woodsy air chin up and eyes happily closed.”

Tiny Footcrunch will be released by Unsolicited Press on April 30 in conjunction with National Poetry Month.

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