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Important Announcement Concerning Camp Shriver 2020

Since Camp Shriver at Stonehill College launched in summer 2013, we have had the privilege and pleasure of hosting well over 400 wonderful local children, with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities, on our campus. Over those seven years, the joyous spirit of the camp and of the campers has become embedded in our hearts. Every year, we look forward to welcoming the campers, seeing them learning so much and having such fun on campus. They have taught us so much more than we could ever teach them!

This year, unfortunately, we are not in a position to host Camp Shriver at Stonehill College. Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, suspending the camp is necessary to ensure the health and safety of both campers and camp staff. We did not make this decision lightly but only after much reflection on what is in the best interests of all involved.

I know many children will be disappointed at not having the opportunity to make new friends, play sports and be creative while at camp. For them and their families, this represents a big loss at a time of crisis and uncertainty in our community. While we wish circumstances were different, we have to exercise due caution with an eye toward the safety of all involved.

We will miss the energy and joy that the children bring to campus. Check back here next February about future plans for Camp Shriver.

Camp Shriver at Stonehill College

Camp Shriver at Stonehill College officially launched its opening session on July 8, 2013 with 58 campers from the Brockton area. Based on the model developed by the Center for Social Development and Education at University of Massachusetts Boston and with generous support from the National Inclusion Project, Camp Shriver at Stonehill College will continue the tradition of being a fully inclusive sports day camp for children with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Camp Shriver’s mission is to use sports as a vehicle to bring children with and without disabilities together so that they have the opportunity to develop their motor as well as social skills, create positive peer relationships and make new friends. Campers receive instruction in a variety of sports (including soccer, basketball and swimming), as well as participate in creative experiences (including arts, crafts and games).

Camp Shriver is...

  • For boys and girls, ages 8—12
  • Free (after a $25 registration fee) 
  • Includes free breakfast, lunch, snacks and camp gear
  • Includes free transportation from designated pick-up/drop-off sites
  • Provides sports instruction in soccer, swimming, basketball and more
  • Inclusive: 50% of campers are children with a disability and 50% are children without a disability

Camp Shriver treats all of our campers as equal-status campers. Campers with and without disabilities are grouped together in teams (i.e., a team of 10 will include 5 campers with a disability and 5 campers without a disability) and participate in all activities together.

Our campers with disabilities are currently receiving special education services in public schools and have mild intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Our campers without disabilities are not receiving special education services in school. They are the same ages as our campers with disabilities and come from the same school systems.

Admission to Camp Shriver is by lottery for all applicants, new and returning.

The National Inclusion Project serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with disabilities and the world around them.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to our sponsors, and our partners at the National Inclusion Project and The Center for Social Development and Education at University of Massachusetts Boston for leading the launch of Camp Shriver at Stonehill College.

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