Where Is . . .?

Where are the bathrooms located?

  • 1st, 2nd,3rd floors

  • Women’s restrooms at south end (to the left as you enter the building)

  • Men’s restroom at north end (to the right as you enter the building)

Do you have a pay phone?

  • No

  • Campus phone in Rm.110

  • Campus/ outside phone (requires a phone card) on 2nd floor next to elevator

Where are the printers?

  • Rm.110 has 2 printers:  B110 Public-1 Xerox 4110and B110 Public-2 Xerox 7328

  • Rm.116: B116 Public Lab Xerox WC4150

  • Rm.313: B313 Public Lab Xerox WC5632

Is there a photocopier?

  • Yes; it is located in Rm.110

  • $.10/page; color prints are $.20/page

  • Accepts Hillcard and $5.00, $1.00, quarters, dimes, nickels

Where are the computers?

  • 32 computers on the 1st floor for general research and MS Office

  • Rm.116; 24 computers with specialized software. This area serves as a computer lab unless a class or meeting is in session.

  • Rm.313; 20 computers with specialized software. This room is always open to students.

Where are the scanners?

  • 1st floor, attached to computer #10.

  • Rm.110, on the counter. Documents can be emailed or saved to a USB drive.

Is there a public Fax machine in the Library?

  • No

  • The mailroom (Roche Dining Commons, 1st floor) offers Fax services to students during regular hours, M-F  10am-3pm

Where can I find a quiet place to study?

  • 2nd floor is a quiet floor; study carrels, small tables, soft seating

  • 3rd floor is a super quiet floor; study carrels, some soft seating

Where is the café?

Where is the Info café?

  • Between Ace’s Place and the Reference Desk

Where is the Center for Writing and Academic Achievement?

  • 3rd floor, Rm. 314

Do you have vending machines?

  • Yes, located in Rm. 103 on the 1st floor.

  • Machines accept cash or Hillcard.