Once we had feedback from librarians, faculty, and students, we turned to the architecture firm of Spagnolo, Gisness & Associates where Jacob Higginbottom created a rendering that perfectly articulated what we were looking for in the new space.   

PDF rendering of design is available here.

Since the grant award from Alden fell short of our original budget, we chose to move forward with Stonehill’s manager of Space Planning and Design, Susan Viera. Susan translated the original renderings into a plan that kept all of the elements of Jacob’s design that enhanced the space:

“The floor plan lays out very well with the removal of the closets and introduction of this concept of "wings" to serve transient uses such as stand up stations and "cozy" informal soft seating work areas.   The idea is to allow for the most flexible concepts of progressive interactive teaching methods and student work environments.”  Higginbottom, Jacob.  email, 16 May 2013.