Submit a Photo for Your Student ID (Hill Card) and Think About your Meal Plan

Class of 2022 International Students

Student ID (Hill Card)

The Hill Card, your student ID, is used to access residence halls and other campus resources. It is also used to purchase your food through the student meal plan and can be loaded with additional funds for other purchases on and off campus.

Hill Cards are issued to all students when they arrive on campus for Summer Orientation in August.

How to Upload Your Hill Card Photo


You can complete this step after May 6. Please click here for instructions on how to upload a photo to be used on your Hill Card. If you would like to learn more about the Hill Card and how it can be used on and off campus, please visit the Hill Card website.

Meal Plans

Meal plans, as mentioned above are required for all students living on campus. All students are automatically enrolled in 1300 plan on your student bill, and these base funds are not refundable. This amount works for most students, but if you eat most meals, or snack between meals and/or late at night, you can add funds at any time during the year. Any leftover added funds are completely refundable. To learn more about meal plans, please visit the dining website.If you have question you may contact Dining Services at  508-565-1888. They are happy to review meal plans and nutritional services. 

Questions about your Hill Card, meal plans, or Hill Dollars? Please contact:

Greg Wolfe
Business Manager/ Director of Purchasing
Phone: 508-565-1357

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