Placement Examinations

Class of 2022 International Students

Deadline: June 1

Stonehill has three placement exams for incoming students that you may need to take before you come to campus. All three tests are easily accessible from myHill, the Stonehill College portal,

The tests dates will be available in the Spring of 2018. All assessments must be completed by June 1. However, take them as soon as you can so we will be sure to get the results in time. More information can be found here.

Foreign Language Placement Exams

Students who have taken German, French, Italian and/or Spanish in high school must take a Foreign Language Exam in each of the languages they studied — even if they plan to study a different language at Stonehill. You do not have to take the foreign language placement tests if you did not study one of these languages in high school. If English is not your first language, you may request a waiver for the foreign language course from the chair of the Foreign Languages department.

Mathematics Placement Exam

Students who plan to take a calculus course at Stonehill (e.g. business, computer science, economics, math and science majors) should take the mathematics placement test. The test is intended to assist us in placing you in the appropriate calculus course in the Fall 2018 semester.

Writing Assessment

All incoming students need to do the writing assessment. Go to the Writing Placement link and follow the directions carefully to complete your sample essay and self-directed writing assessment. We will use the results to ensure we have the information we need to guide you to the appropriate writing course.

Questions about placement examinations? Please contact:

Academic Services & Advising
Phone: 508-565-1306

Fax: 508-565-1492

For information on Textbooks, please contact:

Stonehill College Bookstore

Mary Duncklee, Bookstore Manager
Phone: 508-565-1716
Fax: 508-230-7839

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