International Students: Support network

I was a little worried about when I started teaching.  My first year at Stonehill has been great and I am happy with how welcoming students, faculty and administrators are here at Stonehill College.” 
Sociology Professor Jungyun Gill

A Place Where Differences Are Embraced and Celebrated

One of Stonehill’s strongest traits is its community approach. International students who come to Stonehill will find not only resources specifically designed to aid them in their transition but will also find a welcoming and supportive environment throughout campus. Valuable starting points include:

Office of Intercultural Affairs

The Office of Intercultural Affairs offers educational and social programs to support our International students and to raise awareness of cultural understanding on the Stonehill College campus. College is a big adjustment, and international students are encouraged to seek support from Intercultural Affairs, the ALANA Leadership Program, faculty advisors, staff, and other students.

We want you to feel at home at Stonehill, and we know you have traveled a great distance to be a part of our community. We encourage you to share your culture and heritage with your peers, and we want you get involved at Stonehill.

SEVIS Information

For questions regarding Student and Exchange  Information System (SEVIS) records or requirements for maintaining F-1 student visa status, contact Intercultural Affairs, which will connect you with the appropriate college administrator.

Intercultural Affairs Office
Duffy Academic Center, Room 149

Center for Writing and Academic Achievement

The Center for Writing and Academic Achievement (CWAA) provides academic support services in a welcoming, professional environment that emphasizes collaborative learning and peer tutoring, supplemented with professional-level support. We believe in providing educational opportunities that contribute toward a lifelong love of learning for all Stonehill students.

Center for Writing and Academic Achievement
MacPhaidin Library, Room 314

Office of Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life has policies in place to assist international students who are unable to return home during periods when the College is closed.

International students are able to remain on campus during such times but since they also would benefit from a college break, the office first encourages them to go home with a roommate or friend. Our residence directors are available to help international students make arrangements for housing during breaks.

In the instances where students must stay on campus, the office partners with Student Affairs, Campus Ministry, Intercultural Affairs and Student Activities, and BostonWise to provide resources, including  meals, transportation, and pre-arranged activities.

Residence Life 
Duffy Academic Center, Room 145