International Students: Academic Program

Knowledge, Experiences and Networks That Get You Where You Want To Go

Whether you choose one of our nearly 90 majors and minors or create a major based on your individual goals and interests, you will be challenged to contemplate hard questions and consider different perspectives.

Faculty members dedicated to deep academic inquiry and student success teach every class. Advising and support services augment the personal attention you’ll receive in classes –typically fewer than 20 students – that are kept small to foster strong bonds between professors and their students.

Completing the Stonehill academic program allows students to build critical thinking and leadership abilities and to discover the value of civic engagement. Our curriculum prepares students for graduate studies and careers that both enrich the student and benefit society.

Access to Internships, Advanced Degrees in New York and Boston

Our close proximity to Boston, Providence, and even New York City, allow students to pursue valuable internship opportunities, advanced degrees and stay in contact with friends and family studying at universities and colleges in the Northeast.

THINK.ACT.LEAD. – A Four-Year Mentoring Plan

The foundation of Stonehill’s four-year advising program is built on the belief that people who love what they do find success. In an atmosphere of personal support and encouragement, Stonehill students have limitless opportunities to explore their passions and to build strong practical skills. Support resources include:

  • Academic Services & Advising
  • Center for Writing & Academic Achievement
  • Career Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Disability Services

Partnerships Propel You to Greater Heights

Whether pursuing medicine, law or engineering, Stonehill’s partnerships with leading colleges and universities across the country – including Notre Dame, Fordham and Villanova – provide an advantage to students seeking secondary degrees that can put them on the fast-track to success in their chosen field.

These affiliations offer preferred admission status to qualified Stonehill students, and often course credits earned at Stonehill can be applied to these supplemental degrees, allowing students to graduate sooner – which saves on tuition and lets them begin earning income sooner. In some cases the affiliations include dedicated scholarships.

Learn more about our academic partnerships