On-Campus Support

We here at Stonehill get that transitioning to campus life can be stressful so we want to make you aware of the various offices available to help you along the way!

Academic and Career Support

Transitioning from high school to college academics is a daunting task for every first-year student. The academic expectations and workload are much higher than you are used to, even if you took AP classes in high school. The good news is that the faculty and staff at Stonehill understand this process can be challenging and are here to support you! Additionally, Stonehill looks beyond getting you through your transition into college and has support services in place to prepare you for the transition from college into the working world.

Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Services & Advising (OAS&S), provides comprehensive academic advising services for all students at Stonehill College (including first-year students, incoming transfer students, and students on academic probation).  In collaboration with students’ assigned faculty advisors, OAS&S helps students navigate major exploration, course selection, and academic integrity issues.  Additionally, the Office provides support through goal setting exercises, study skills workshops, and other strategies for academic success that help guide students through their experience at Stonehill.  Students should visit the Office if they are unsure about how to select a major, are struggling academically, or have any questions about the overall academic mission of the College.  The Office of Academic Services & Advising is a one-stop shop here to help students with anything they may need.

If you would like more information about how OAS&S can help you, check out the “Stonehill 101” handbook or feel free to stop by Duffy 104 to see Assistant Director Shannon Balliro.  Shannon is a first-gen student herself, and is here to help with anything you need!

Center for Writing & Academic Achievement

Located in the MacPhaidin Library in room 314, the Center for Writing & Academic Achievement (CWAA) provides welcoming, peer-based academic support in a comfortable and inclusive environment. The center operates on a drop-in schedule, which can be found on their home page.

The CWAA offers a variety of services:

  • Writing Tutoring: Whether you need help constructing an argument, organizing your paper, citations, or the basic grammar and spelling checks, the CWAA Writing Tutoring service can help!
  • Subject Tutoring: The CWAA offers tutoring in a variety of subjects. The tutors are trained to help you better understand the general concepts and offer guidance in completing your assignments.
  • Satellite Locations: The CWAA is based in MacPhaidin, but there are a few other services at other location on campus including the Math Lab, Atrium Chemistry Tutoring, and SpoCo.
  • Review Sessions: Some classes have teaching assistants (TA) who host review sessions for upcoming tests or assignments. A schedule of these sessions is available here.

If you have any additional questions about the CWAA, feel free to reach out to them!
Email: CWAA-Services@stonehill.edu
Tel: 508-565-5014

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar contains important dates that you should be aware, such as the start of classes, add/drop deadlines, and the advising period. You can also view the academic calendar for the next two years on the Registrar’s page!

If you have any questions about the calendar, contact the Registrar’s Office!
Duffy Academic Center, room 112
Email: registrar@stonehill.edu
Tel: 508-565-1434

Career Development Center

Did you know that there are highly trained staff members here at Stonehill who have dedicated their careers to helping you start yours? The Career Development Center offers professional preparation workshops, career exploration events, and individual counseling appointments in order to help you make the transition from college to post-college life. Visit the office online or in person at the Kruse Center in Cushing-Martin Hall to learn more!

You can make an appointment on Handshake. More information here. 

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm
Tel: 508-565-1325
Email: careerservices@stonehill.edu

Faculty Expectations

The academic expectations of college are much higher than those you are used to in high school and your faculty will expect different things from you than your high school teachers did. Here are a few important things to pay attention to:

  • Your faculty members will expect you to have completed any readings or assignments prior to class. Additionally, the faculty may not mention/remind you about reading and assignments as you are expected to review the syllabus and keep your own schedule.
  • Do not wait to seek out help! Your faculty members have scheduled weekly office hours that allow you to simply show up with questions. Go! If their hours do not work with your schedule, email them or approach them after class. They will work out a time to meet with you.
  • Extra credit is extremely rare in college. It is no longer possible for you to go to your professor towards the end of term and request extra credit opportunities.

Know the attendance policy. If you have to miss class, communicate this with the faculty as soon as possible. Do not wait until the next class meeting to mention that you were out as you will have already fallen behind.

Mentor / Transition Programs & Groups

GenOne- Student Group

Stonehill’s student body is over 20% first-generation! The GenOne Dialogue Group is exclusively for first-generation identified students who want to talk about their experiences and connect with other first-gen students. The group is organized through the Office of Intercultural Affairs and usually meets once a month. If you are interested, email diversity@stonehill.edu to find out when the group meets next, or to get the contact info for the student coordinators. 

The Intercultural Experience Program 

The Intercultural Experience Program (IXP) is a pre-orientation experience for incoming first-year students that provides the opportunity to connect with your classmates in a unique way. Students move into their residence halls the Friday before the rest of the first-year class and new transfer students arrive. Through IXP, you will be able to participate in workshops, discussion groups, and fun social activities that revolve around issues of diversity while getting to know other students from diverse communities and experiences. You will also be paired with a “Big Brother or Sister.” These “Big Brother and Sister” relationships go beyond the IXP program and many pairs have stayed in touch throughout their time at Stonehill. There is an additional IXP program in November for those who might want to join later in the year. 

You can learn more about this exciting program here or by contacting the Office of Intercultural Affairs!
Duffy Academic Center, Room 149
Email: diversity@stonehill.edu
Tel: 508-565-1409

FYE: First-Year Experience

As you will learn at Orientation, you are required to an eight week take a first-year seminar course. This non-credit course is designed to introduce you to the world of higher education and assist you in understanding what is expected of you as a member of the Stonehill community. The course will also serve as a great way to connect with fellow first-years and learn more about your campus.

Think. Act. Lead.

Mentorship is perhaps one of the most influential parts of your collegiate career. Stonehill aims to educate “the whole person so that each Stonehill graduate thinks, acts and leads with courage toward the creation of a more just and compassionate world.” It is for this reason that Stonehill has created the Think. Act. Lead. initiative to amplify this philosophy.

  • Think: Stonehill plans to challenge you to be thoughtful about your goals from day one. This process will start with your FYE course and continue throughout your first year as you engage with faculty, staff, and peers.
  • Act: The next step in this plan is to sit down with a mentor, who Stonehill will help you find, and plan a four-year development plan. This plan will lay out your goals and plot a path to fulfilling them. The plan, of course, will be ever-evolving as you move through your college career and your mentor will be there to help you adjust when necessary.
  • Lead: The mission of Stonehill is to develop every student into a skilled and confident leader. This program aims to help you make the most of your time with us and become the leader we know you are capable of being.