Tenure & Promotion

The criteria for tenure or promotion guide the evaluation of candidates by academic administrators, the Rank and Tenure Committee, the President, and the Board of Trustees. The intent of these criteria is to assure the highest quality faculty, objectivity in tenure and promotion decisions, and the vitality of the College. The criteria for tenure and for promotion to associate professor are the same; criteria for promotion to professor that differ from them are noted.

Faculty seeking tenure and promotion ordinarily will have attained a doctorate or equivalent terminal degree in his or her field. Faculty seeking promotion to professor must have achieved distinction and continued accomplishment in their professional and academic activities. In order of importance, candidates for tenure or promotion are evaluated on their teaching, scholarship, and service.


Effectiveness in teaching is the most important criterion for the candidate and is a necessary prerequisite for tenure and promotion. Sustained effectiveness in teaching is necessary for promotion to professor. An effective teacher is knowledgeable in the subject matter, is enthusiastic about teaching, and uses a variety of teaching methodologies to promote student learning. Given the dynamic nature of learning, an effective teacher creates an environment that engages students’ intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and capacity for lifelong learning.


In order to be tenured or promoted, a candidate must have a record of scholarship that contributes to his or her discipline and strongly indicates future accomplishments. A successful candidate for promotion to professor has a sustained record of acknowledged professional contributions within his or her field that includes national and/or international scholarly accomplishments, and also strongly indicates future accomplishments.

Service to the College

For tenure or promotion to associate professor, service to the College consists of contributions of time and effort that help to advance the College’s mission. Service includes many activities; those involving leadership are particularly important, especially for promotion to professor.

When does one apply for tenure or promotion?

During the year in which a candidate is being evaluated for tenure or promotion to associate professor, the candidate will have completed at least five years of full-time college teaching, including two years at the rank of assistant professor, and will have taught full-time for at least two years at Stonehill College.

When the Rank and Tenure Committee is evaluating a candidate for promotion to the rank of professor, the candidate will have completed at least twelve years of full-time teaching, including five years at the rank of associate professor, and will have taught full-time for at least three years at Stonehill College.