As members of a College community, faculty are expected to be active participants and contributors to their respective academic departments. This responsibility includes attendance at alumni reunions and career nights, admissions events, seminars and student activities. Faculty are expected to contribute to curriculum review and development, faculty searches, and other departmental functions, as requested by the department chair.

Full-time faculty members are expected to attend all meetings of their department, normally scheduled during the Activity Period (11:30 – 12:45) on the fourth Monday of each month.

In addition, faculty must attend to the development of the Library collection, most particularly within their own disciplines. Typically, requests or recommendations are to be submitted to the Acquisitions Librarian though extraordinary requests should be discussed with the Library Director.

Faculty Senate and Faculty Assembly Meetings

The Faculty Senate expects all full-time faculty members to attend all meetings of the Faculty Assembly (held during the activities period whenever there is a fifth Monday of a month and at other times) and to vote in all faculty elections, unless prevented from doing so by official duties or other serious reasons. Faculty members are invited to attend all meetings of the Faculty Senate, normally scheduled on the first Monday of each month during the Activity Period.

Committee Participation

The College encourages active participation by the faculty in the governance of the College and considers this essential to collegiate life. Faculty members will serve on committees when appointed or elected. Generally, no faculty member should serve on more than two College standing committees at any one time. For the convenience of these committees, the third Monday of each month is reserved for meetings, though some committees may need to meet more frequently, or at alternative times.

Attendance at College Functions

Faculty members are expected to attend the major academic events of the College, including the Opening Meeting of the Faculty, Academic Convocation, Commencement, Academic Development Days, Celebration of Student Achievement and Stonehill Scholars Celebration. In addition, faculty members are encouraged to support other College-related activities and forums, especially those coordinated by their own department. Faculty may be asked to represent their department at College events and events sponsored by other departments, a responsibility which can be shared among members of the department.

For Convocation and Commencement, faculty members must furnish their own caps and gowns. Rental orders can be placed through the College Bookstore.

Office Hours

At least four hours a week of scheduled office hours are recommended for full-­‐time faculty, with availability at other times by appointment. Office hours must be communicated to departmental administrative assistants and department chairs, and posted on faculty doors.