Part-Time Faculty

Faculty who teach in part-time appointments are critical to the academic mission of Stonehill College. Part-time faculty can be found teaching in just about every academic program. Sometimes they are hired for their professional expertise, sometimes for their disciplinary specialty and sometimes to assist programs to meet enrollment needs. Part-time faculty are welcome to participate fully in the life of the campus. Below are links to offices that are committed to supporting the important work of part-time faculty.

Office of Academic Affairs

Any general questions related to office assignment, keys, email, student course evaluations or general administrative support should be addressed to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Office of Academic Services & Advising

Concerns about the performance or extended absence of a student should be addressed to the Office of Academic Services & Advising.

Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching & Learning provides resources to assist part-time faculty to develop as teachers or to work on a teaching challenge.

Office of Accessibility Resources

Questions about accommodations and effective strategies for teaching students with various disabilities should be referred to the Office of Disability Services.

Center for Writing & Academic Achievement

Questions about additional support for students with their writing and academic challenges should be referred to the Center for Writing & Academic Achievement.

Counseling & Testing Center

Questions about supporting students in emotional distress should be referred to the Counseling & Testing Center.

Office of Intercultural Affairs

Questions about adopting more inclusive teaching practices and building a more inclusive curriculum should be referred to the Office of Intercultural Affairs.

MacPhaídín Library

Questions about integrating resources and research into your class assignments can be answered by the reference librarians at the MacPhaídín Library.

Registrar’s Office

Questions about student enrollment and course lists should be addressed to the Registrar’s Office.

Department of Information Technology

Any questions or concerns about the use of technology in the classroom, email, eLearn, computing and website access should be addressed to the Department of Information Technology.

Human Resources Department

Questions about employment status, benefits, or salary should be addressed to the Human Resources Department.