Leave & Sabbaticals

The College offers several opportunities for leave and release time awards, to provide additional time for faculty to pursue research/scholarship or other professional activities.


Sabbatical leave is granted for the express purpose of providing an opportunity for faculty members to enhance their professional development through projects of research, written scholarship, or similar creative endeavors. The project must enhance the individual’s ability as an educator in the classroom and/or promote scholarship in one’s academic discipline. Sabbatical leaves can be awarded for one year at half-salary, or one semester at full salary.

Conboy Award for Faculty Development

The Conboy Award for Faculty Development provides a course release in one semester to advance the research of an Assistant or Associate Professor.

Teaching and Learning Strategies Seminar

This seminar, which is facilitated by the Center for Teaching and Learning, takes place one semester each year. Faculty apply for one of several openings and will be given release time from one course to spend the semester working with colleagues and experts from within and outside the College on specific issues related to teaching and learning.

Special Leave of Absence

If opportunities such as funded fellowships or research grants become available, faculty are encouraged to consider them. An authorized Leave of Absence (for purposes other than those covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act Policy) without pay is not considered a Sabbatical Leave. The College grants such leaves only under special circumstances and only if the leave does not seriously impair the teaching mission of the College. An authorized Leave of Absence for one academic year or less is not ordinarily considered to be an interruption of service to the College, in consideration of tenure, promotion, retirement, or salary increments.