Never risk your own safety to try to contain or otherwise deal with an emergency. However, if time allows and you can do so without risk to yourself and others, please take the following steps:

1. Pull a fire alarm to begin evacuation of the building.
2. Call Campus Police to report the emergency.
3. Close doors that might help contain the problem.
4. If a faculty/staff member or student is injured, call Campus Police at 911 or x5555.
5. If any member of the College community receives a suspicious call or a threat to the College or college personnel, contact Campus Police at 911 or x5555.


In the case of a campus emergency, students and College personnel will be contacted via Connect-ED (campus emergency notification system), Stonehill.edu, and e-mail.

Hill Alerts

The Hill Alert emergency notification system quickly and efficiently sends students, faculty, and staff a text message containing important information when a campus emergency occurs. We encourage community members with text enabled cell phones to provide a cell phone number to participate in the Hill Alert system.

Evacuation of Campus Buildings

Familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures and evacuation routes in buildings in which you find yourself frequently.

In the event of an emergency, direct students to either remain in classrooms and work areas or lead students to evacuation sites. Be prepared to assess situations quickly and use common sense in determining a course of action. Evacuate any area that poses a risk to safety in an orderly manner.

Evacuation Procedures

  • Move at least 500 feet away from any building that is being evacuated.
  • Gather in the assigned evacuation location during any evacuation incident.
  • If it is believed that someone is still inside the building, notify responding emergency personnel.
  • If the evacuation of the building is expected to be for a short period of time and if the weather is not severe, wait outside the building to be readmitted.
  • If the evacuation will likely be lengthy or if the weather is severe, you will be directed to an evacuation location.
  • When the building is clear for re-admittance, Campus Police will go to the evacuation location and let you know that the building can be reoccupied.

Download the Emergency Management Guide