Bias Response Protocol

The Bias Response Protocol provides our community with an appropriate, timely and productive response to acts of bias and hate crimes. We believe in the inherent dignity of all people and in the education of the whole person so that each Stonehill graduate thinks, acts, and leads with courage toward creating a more just and compassionate world. To achieve these goals, and to support our community in realizing these goals, we are committed to fostering an environment free of harassment and hostility based on personal identity.

What is a bias-­related incident?

An act directed against a person, group or property expressing hostility or bias on the basis of perceived or actual gender, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or disability is a bias incident. Bias incidents may consist of slurs, epithets, name calling, use of degrading language, graffiti or slurs, intimidation, harassment or coercion directed at the targeted person or group. Bias acts occur whether the act is intentional or unintentional or is directed toward an individual or group and may contribute to creating an unsafe/unwelcoming environment for victims and social identity groups. Bias acts are considered such even when presented as a joke, prank, or delivered with humorous intent.

What do I do if I witness or am a target of a bias-­related incident?

Immediately notify Campus Police x5555 to report the incident. Please note that reports will be filed with Campus Police, regardless of the presence of an alleged perpetrator (e.g., graffiti, etc). Campus Police will respond to the scene, collect evidence, interview witnesses, and file a report that states the situation may be a bias incident. Please do not touch any evidence of a bias related act; Campus Police has specific protocols for documenting, gathering, and removing of bias-­‐ related graffiti or property damage. For more information about how to get involved with stopping hate on our campus, contact Intercultural Affairs at x1409 or email

More information and to report an incident