Faculty Forms

Adjunct Hiring Forms

Advising Forms

Part of advising is being able to connect a student with the necessary paperwork to activate a process or change.

Academic Integrity

Class Specific Proposal Forms

Planning & Review

Faculty Development & Research

Reimbursements & Payments

Travel with Students

Courses & Grades  (see myHill)

Faculty may  find links to the forms below under the myResources tab in myHill. Please contact the Registrar's Office with any questions.

Curriculum Forms (see myHill)

  • Course Elimination Form
  • Course Modification Form
  • Credit Change Proposal Form
  • New Course Proposal Form
  • Program Change Proposal Form
  • New Program Proposal Form
  • First-Year Seminar Proposal Forms and Guidelines
  • Learning Community Forms and Guidelines

Grading (see myHill)

  • Grade Change Form
  • Incomplete Grade Extension Form
  • Permission to Release Education Record Information

Approval Forms (see myHill)

  • Requirement Substitution Approval Form
  • Transfer Course Approval Form
  • Registration Approval Form
  • Interdisciplinary Major Approval Form
  • Interdisciplinary Minor Approval Form
  • Final Exam Omission Form