Stonehill Undergraduate Research Experience Projects 2017

Meghan Maciejewski ’18 with Professor Bronwyn Bleakley: Quantifying Variation in Responsiveness to and Influence on Social Partners in Different Populations of Guppies, Poecilia reticulata.

Mackenzie Mayes ’18 and Mariah Smith ’18 with Professor  Bronwyn  Bleakley:  Quantifying  Variation in Lateral Line Morphology and Cooperative Behavior of Guppies, Poecilia reticulata.

Alexa  Guerrera  ’18  with  Professor  Bronwyn Bleakley: Influence of the Chemical Environment Provided by Social Partners on Cooperative Behavior in Guppies, Poecilia reticulata.

Jason Comeau ’19 and Anna Pinckney ’19 with Professor Nicholas Block: A Resurvey of Odonata Diversity and Phenology in the Blue Hills.

Kristen Fontaine ’18 with Professor Kirk Buckman: Democratic Consolidation and Economic Development in Central Europe.

Helene Brehany ’18 with Professor Kirk Buckman: Democratic and Economic Development in Latin America and Southern Europe.

Hedvig Blanco ’18 with Professor Kirk Buckman: Modeling Peru’s Political Economy.

Elaina McDowell ’18 with Professor Kristin Burkholder: Changing Source Waters and Subsurface Property Fields in an Ocean Circulation Model of the Gulf of Maine.

John Irving ’18 with Professor Kristin Burkholder: Subsurface Nutrient Pathways in the Gulf of Maine.

Cathryn Cutia ’19 with Professor Nicole Cyr: The Role of Hypothalamic Sirtuin 1 in Obesity.

Cassandra Daisy ’18 with Professor Nicole Cyr: The Role of Hypothalamic ER Stress and mTOR in Obesity.

Mark Khalil ’18 with Professor Nicole Cyr: Role of Neuronal Injury in Obesity.

Alec Mercier-Patterson ’19 with Professor Deno Del Sesto: Determination of Methane Reactivity on the Ni(111) Surface.

Caitlin Little ’19 and Matthew Shaw ’19 with Professor Suzanne Edinger: Unpacking Team Task Performance: The Role of Positive and Negative Network Ties.

Erica Botelho ’19 and Gloria Mahame ’18 with Professor Marilena Hall: Construction of a More Virulent LacZα-containing M13 Phage Vector.

Lindsey Gray ’19 and Megan Salemi ’19 with Professor  Marilena  Hall:  Genetic  Analysis  and Phage Propagation of the M13mp Vector Series.

Bridget Belcher ’19 with Professor Katherine Harris: The Synthesis of Fmoc-L-homoglutamine(Trt/Cbz)- OH and Poly-homoglutamine  Peptides.

Amanda Dolan ’19 with Professor Katherine Harris: Thioflavin T Beta-sheet Structure Assay Development.

Alana Murphy ’19 with Professor Katherine Harris: Studies of Stereochemical Consequences in Peptide Aggregation.

Zoie Magri ’18 with Professor Magdalena James- Pederson: Characterization of Methylobacteria Species in Fungal Samples.

Alexander Baryiames ’19 with Professor Magdalena James-Pederson: Is There an Ectosymbiotic or Endosymbiotic Relationship between Methylobacteria  and  Armillaria gallica?

Meredith Pomfret ’19 with Professor Louis Liotta: Synthesis of Tetrahydroxylated Indolizidines from L-Glucose.

Pierrce Holmes ’18 with Professor Anne Mattina: The Rhetorical Power of Place in American Civil Rights.

Chanel Johnson ’19 with Professor John McCoy: Role of Perineuronal Nets in Sleep Promotion.

Anna Murphy ’19 with Professor John McCoy: Role of Basal Forebrain Neurons in Sleep Loss Induced Deficits.

Lauren King ’19, Samantha Mauro ’19 and Matthew Moschella ’18 with Professor Edward McGushin: Power, Freedom, and the Aesthetics of Existence: Psychoanalysis  after Foucault.

Meghan Ghazal ’19 with Professor Irvin Pan: Examination of Leaf Development Genes and Convergent Evolution in Three Unrelated Groups of Carnivorous  Pitcher Plants.

Parker Dunn ’18 with Professor Dan Rogers: Oyster Aquaculture Induced Changes in Flux of Carbon and Nitrogen to the Sediments.

Emily Gibeault ’19 with Professor Dan Rogers: Oyster Aquaculture Induced Changes in the Sedimentary Microbial Community Structure and Activity.

Kyle Paquette ’19 with Professor Dan Rogers: Quantifying Dissolved Nitrogen and Carbon Increases Due to Aquaculture Activity.

Dan Stone ’18 with Professor Dan Rogers: Modeling Carbon and Nitrogen Flux under Oyster Aquaculture Systems.

Mark Hamalian ’18 and Michael Sullivan ’19 with Professor Cheryl Schnitzer: Measuring Ultrafast Phenomena with a Femtosecond Laser.

Erica Bigelow ’18 with Professor Bettina Scholz: Beyond Human Security: Addressing LGBTQ+ Security.

Elena Ciarmella ’19 with Professor Bettina Scholz: Beyond Human Security: Environmental Security and the Need for Sacrifice.

Karina Craft ’18, Laura Darr ’19 and William Melahouris ’18 with Professor Hsin-hao Su and Heiko Todt: Mathematics Research Experiences for Undergraduates.

Gavin Giardino ’19 with Professor Leon Tilley: Synthesis of Acetylenic and Pyridyl Bicyclobutanes.

Erin Hickey ’19 with Professor Leon Tilley: Synthesis of Methoxytetrahedrane and 1,4-addition to 4-TMS- cyclobutenone.