Stonehill Undergraduate Research Experience Projects 2014

W. Jackson Reilly ’16, Cara Seward ’15 and Alex Tavares ’15 with Professor Bronwyn Bleakley: Variation in Indirect Genetic Effects in Guppies: Molecular Mechanisms of Responsiveness and Influence Among Social Partners.

Nicholas Berman ’15 and Katherine Morelli ’16 with Professor Bronwyn Bleakley: Indirect Genetic Effects on Parental Investment in Burying Beetles.

Joseph D’Amore ’16 with Professor Matthew Borushko: Adorno: Art, Society and Critique.

Olivia Osiecki ’16 with Professor Nate DesRosiers: Women in the Greco World.

Matthew Attaya ’15 with Professor Corey Dolgon: Youth Leadership Development in Brockton.

Laura Patriarca ’16 and Jasmin Volpe ’15 with Professor Justin Dore: Cellular Determinants of Neural Plasticity and Repair.

Fiona Carroll ’16, Hayley Conklin ’15, Sara Morris ’16, Rebecca Lessard ’15 and Michelle Wozniak ’15 with Professor William Ewell: A Political History of the Appropriations Process.

Althea Sylvia ’15 with Professor Richard Finnegan: Generational Attitudes Toward Political Transformations in Ireland.

Kelly Sylvestri ’15, David VanValkenburgh ’15 and Emily Zygiel ’16 with Professor Marilena Hall: Fast-Propagating Mutants in M13 phase.

Casey Cosetta ’15 and Jonathan Tripoli ’15 with Professor Rachel Hirst: Phenotypic and Biochemical Characterization of Potential New Species of Methylobacterium.

Anna Tallmadge ’15 with Professor Rachel Hirst: Transformation of Methylobacterium with a Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) Plasmid.

Gabrielle Jaques ’16 with Professor Ron Leone: Scorsese’s Score: Use of Music in “Life Lessons.”

Diana Fager ’15, Claudia Korzeniecki ’16 and Steven Moura ’16 with Professor Louis Liotta: various synthesis projects.

Matthew Crawford ’16 and Nisha Khubchandani ’16 with Professor Pamela Lombardi: Enantioselective Cu-Catalyzed Allylic Oxidations Using Amino Acid- Based Ligands and Synthesis of New Chiral N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands for Catalysis.

Jacob Gillis ’15 and John Walent ’15 with Professor Gregory Maniero: Stimulation of Xenopus CD4 Cells with Exogenous IL-16.

Michael Travers ’15 with Professor Juan Carlos Martin: Virtual Language Learning: Beyond the Classroom.

Christian Baglini ’15 and Abigail Hulverson ’16 with Professor John McCoy: Cortical Gamma Oscillations: Role in Cognition and Sleep and Brain Pathways Controlling Consciousness and Wakefulness.

Jamie Kaminski ’15 and Alexandra Trausch ’15 with Professor John McCoy: Social Cognition and Schizophrenia and Improving Cortical Function and Cognition in Schizophrenia.

Keara Lavallee ’16 with Professor Edward McGushin: Cinematic Meditations.

Thomas Gumbley ’16 and Ryan O’Keefe ’16 with Professor Sean Mulholland: Differences in Intergenerational Economic Mobility in the United States for Rich, Poor, Black and White from 1940-2000 and The Effects of Educational Variation on State Income and Income Growth Rates.

Megan Batson ’15 and Morgan Johnson ’16 with Professor Irvin Pan: Expression and Evolution of the TAGL1 Gene in Wild Relatives of Tomato and Design of a Quantitative PCR Assay for Analysis of Gene Expression in Tomato and Wild Relatives.

James Goodrich ’15 with Professor Irvin Pan: Investigating the Role of the ESK1 Gene in Cold Tolerance in Crop Plants.

Sean Davenport ’15 with Professor David Sander: Cinema, Islamic Reform and Popular Imagination in the Muslim World.

Alexis Johnson ’16 and Anthony Narin ’16 with Professor Cheryl Schnitzer: Understanding Energy Transfer During Photosynthesis.

Julia Afeltra ’16, Kraig Boates ’15, Michael Dias ’16, David Lawson ’16 and Sarah Wilson ’15 with Professor Hsin-hao Su and Professor Heiko Todt: Mathematics Research Experience for Undergraduates.

Prithak Chowdhury ’15 with Professor Christopher Wetzel: Students in Action: Changing Forms and Foci of Engagement in an Era of Globalization.