From the frontlines of the Arab Spring Revolutions to the rise in right-wing populism worldwide to America's city streets with Black Lives Matter, the last decade has seen an explosion of online organizing producing offline results. In "Social Movements & Upheaval in the Age of Social Media," Anna Therese Day discusses the interplay between evolving trends in technology and corresponding tactics within different movements' strategies. With insights and first-hand accounts from her reporting, Day examines the phenomenon of social media as a double-edged sword, highlighting case studies of student and women's movements as well as examples of online radicalization from the Islamic State to America's white supremacist mass shootings. 


Anna Therese Day is an award-winning international reporter and filmmaker. Her work has been featured in a variety of news outlets, including CNN, Al Jazeera English, BBC, CBS, and VICE, as well as international film festivals, including Tribeca, Cannes, and SxSW.  For her work, Day was recognized as one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 in Media. She is a 2018 Atlantic Council Millennium Fellow, a 2016 Truman National Security Fellow, 2013 Fulbright Fellow, and a 2012 United Nations Press Fellow. Most recently, Day was honored for her international reporting and press freedom advocacy with the James Foley 2020 World Press Freedom Award.