For our 4th set of talks and discussions on Tuesday 5/26, the Biology Department faculty will share their expertise in the areas of epidemiology, big data, and biotechnology. Assistant Professor of Biology and Health Sciences, Tracy Rosebrock, will provide a public health perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic focused on the biological and social factors that shape epidemic curves and the role that these factors play in forming the second "wave" of an epidemic. Assistant Professor of Biology and Bioinformatics, Robert Harbert, will discuss what we have learned about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its evolution through genome sequencing and ongoing surveillance. Associate Professor of Biology, Magdalena James-Pederson, will discuss some of the work on this pandemic being done in biotechnology, focusing on diagnostic tests that detect the coronavirus genetic material and serology tests that detect antibodies produced in response to the viral infection. These talks are open to everyone and will be geared towards an undergraduate audience and presumes a beginner to intermediate background in biology.


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COVID-19 Lecture Series Schedule: 

5/12: Immunology and Physiology I (Prof. Maniero and Prof. Yu)

5/19: Neuroscience/Physiology II and Patient Care (Prof. Cyr and Prof. Beatty)

5/26: Epidemiology, Big Data & Biotechnology (Prof. Rosebrock, Prof. Harbert, and Prof. James-Pederson)

6/2: Evolution and Ecology (Prof. Block and Prof. Hauff)

6/9: Environmental Science and Conservation (Prof. Burkholder and Prof. LeFlore)


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