Statistical Websites

Statistics Links

This page contains a number of links to websites containing data files that can be downloaded for analysis, as well as other interesting sites. Naturally, there are many more such sites available, with new ones coming each day-- these are some of my favorites. Beware that some of these sites contain massive datasets; look before you download!

Data Libraries and Directories

These sites will direct you to datasets that have already been compiled or to agencies and organizations which post data on the Web.

Links to other Data Sites

These sites each contain links to interesting datasets and illustrative examples. Check them out!

Of special interest to Business Students...

Public Agencies

These are agencies of the United States or other nation's governments, providing data on all manner of subjects.

Other organizations and agencies

Applets & Other Interesting Links

These links may help you to understand certain statistical concepts as we move through our course. Applets are little interactive application programs that (in this case) illustrate statistical ideas. NOTE: Many applets take a while to download, and it may appear that your screen has frozen. Be patient, and the applet should appear.

Many of the links on this page were brought to my attention by Prof. Robin Lock.