Doing Data Analysis with Minitab 14

Robert H. Carver
Stonehill College 
Errata: First Printing

  • p. 45: Question 17 should read "Create a time series plot that compares the growth in aggregate personal savings and aggregate personal income..."
  • p. 45: Question 19 -- cannot create scatter plot because POP and CARS have different # of cases in the worksheet file provided with the CD-ROM. Need to use replacement data file.
  • p. 97: Question 3. The parenthetical Hint should read: "First, find the mean of each column; the column mean should be approximately equal to the theoretical binomial probability."
  • p. 107: Quesiton 11 should read "Find X1 and X2 symmetric around 100 such that P(X1 < X < X2) = 0.95...."
  • p. 123: Replace question 10 and add question 11 as follows:

"10. According to the Central Limit Theorem and the Empirical Rule, approximately 68% of all possible random samples of size n = 30 will have sample means within 1 standard error of the population mean. Therefore if we were to take five repeated samples from this population of CapUtil figures, the sample means should fall within what range 68% of the time?"

"11. Let us now simulate 5 random samples using a procedure similar to the one illustrated earlier in the Session. Choose Calc > Random Data > Sample from Columns... and select CapUtil as the column from which to sample. Store the results in c11. Then repeat the sampling process four more times, storing the results in columns 12 through 15. Finally, compute the descriptive statistics for c11 - c15, and examine the column means. Discuss the results in light of your answer to question 10."

  • p. 139: Question #11 should read "... value of exports from the U.S...."
  • p. 140: Question #13 should read "... answers to #11 and #12."
  • p. 149: Question #4 should read "...smoked at least one cigarette in the past six months.
  • p. 149: Question #5. Replace the last bullet with the phrase "smoked a cigarette in the past six months"
  • p. 160: Session Question #4 refers to a red line. It should say " line..."
  • p. 165: Questions 13 and 14 currently refer to a variable (gender) that is not in this datafile. Replace the questions as follows:

13. Respondents were asked if they had ever strayed during marriage. In this sample, 92 of 385 men said they had strayed and 79 of 277 women said they had. Is this statistically significant evidence that married men stray more often than married women?

14. Respondents were asked "Did you use a condom the last time you had sex?" Of those responding, 110 of 529 males and 125 of 626 women said "yes." Does this represent statistically significant evidence that men are more likely to report condom use than women? 

  • p. 167: Question #24 should end with a question mark (?) rather than a period (.)
  • p. 179: Question #5 should read: "Is a student's expectation of using statistics on the job independent of gender?"
  • p. 197: 2nd bullet. Delete the sentence "Compare your entries to the dialog box shown on the facing page."
  • p. 201: File "Helicopters.mtw" in Release 13 format will need to be replaced by Release 14 version; the Factorial Plots command fails with this version of the datafile.
  • p. 293: Question 4 should read " for the 50-meter events,"