Selected Publications, Articles & Presentations


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  • "Early Christianity." The Oxford Companion to Archaeology, edited by Brian M. Fagan, et al., Oxford University Press, 2012 [revision of 1996 article].
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  • “Transferring Undergraduate Research Pedagogies to the Classroom,” in the American Academy of Religion’s on-line Spotlight on Teaching (Summer, 2010; available on line at the AAR Site).
  • “The Absent Professor:  The Class Interview,” [with Stacy Grooters] Teaching Theology and Religion 13.4 (2010) 378-379.
  • Corinth B: Religion, Art and Architecture, monograph in the series Archaeological Resources        for New Testament Studies, published on CD-ROM as part of Helmut Koester, ed., Cities  of Paul (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2005).
  • “There’s Something More about Mary: The Post-Biblical Career of the Woman of Magdala,” in The Bible Today, 43.5 (September, 2005) 293-299.
  • "The Stones Don't Speak and the Texts Tell Lies:  Corinth as a 'Sex Capital of the Ancient            World,'" in Urban Religion in Roman Corinth, ed. Dan Schowalter and Steve Friesen (Cambridge:  Harvard University Press, 2005) 205-220.
  • "To Teach Without a Net: Toward a Pedagogy of Imagination and Collaboration," in         Wisdom's Children: The Impact of Feminism on the Study of the New Testament and Early Christianity, ed. Shelley Matthews, et al. (Valley Forge: T and T Clark   International, 2003) 58-73.
  • Texts, Rocks, and Talk: Reclaiming Biblical Christianity to Counterimagine the World.       Collegeville: Michael Glazier/Liturgical Press, 2002.
  • A New Temple for Corinth: Rhetorical and Archaeological Approaches to Pauline Imagery.          New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 1997.

Conference Papers

  • “Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza and Rhetorical Analysis of the Bible,” paper presented for the
  • Rhetoric and the New Testament Section of the Society of Biblical Literature, San Francisco, 19 November 2011.
  • “From Critical Thinkers to Critical Actors: The Value of the Humanities [with Katie Conboy,
  • Joe Favazza, Scott Cohen, and Anna Lannstrom] The American Conference of Academic Deans/Phi Beta Kappa Society, Charleston, SC, 12 November 2011.
  • “Collaborating with Undergraduates as Co-Teachers,” [with Magda Pederson and three students]
  • New England Faculty Developers Consortium Conference at Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA, 20 May 2011.
  • "Using Mel to Teach Mary," at the 13th annual meeting of the Association for Core Texts and Courses, Williamsburg, VA, 1 April 2007
  • "Refilling the Cup of Demons: Paul and People's Religious Culture in Roman Corinth," invited paper presented at the Corinth in Context Conference at the University of Texas, Austin, 10 January 2007