Geraldine Sheehan


Geri has worked in libraries of many types and sizes over the past decades. Her first library position was as a library assistant working with a rare bibliographic materials dating from 1500-1850 at the Harvard Business School where she gave tours and constructed exhibits featuring first editions of Karl Marx and Adam Smith, primary resource materials of the South Sea and Tulip-mania bubbles, and a variety of incunabula. She also performed bibliographic research and was the proud owner of the coveted “stack pass” that admitted one to the cavernous depths of the Widener Library. Her other academic position was as a library assistant at the undergraduate library at Tufts where she worked in reference, cataloging, and circulation for several years while completing her MLS at Simmons.

Geri’s first professional position was PR librarian, a newly created position in which she served as liaison to the staff and to the public at Somerville Public Library just after their major renovation in the early 1980’s. Among her more unusual duties there was serving as substitute bookmobile driver for several weeks each year when her charge was to provide the book-loving folks at the nursing homes a fresh supply of large print mysteries, westerns, and romances each week. The library won the MLA Massachusetts Library of the Year award during her second year at SPL.

Geri’s position at Stonehill is her most recent and longest. It includes a few years as an evening/weekend reference librarian and now full time as the periodicals and electronic resources librarian. She has participated in the onset of automation as well as the major shift from formerly print-only materials to a proliferation of virtual resources that provide much greater accessibility of research materials to our students, faculty, and staff.


Reading mysteries, crossword solving, knitting, Jeopardy and watching almost anything on PBS.


  • BA: Assumption College
  • MLS: Simmons College