Introducing the Center for Service & Social Justice at Stonehill College

The Office for Mission is happy to announce the establishment of The Center for Service & Social Justice (CSSJ) at Stonehill College. The CSSJ brings together the many units on this campus that have long attended to issues related to participation in service and in the pursuit of social and environmental justice. While not a physical space, the CSSJ provides an umbrella structure and a joint mission and vision for the many who work on this campus and attend to this aspect of our mission. Through regular meetings and enhanced partnering, we look to maximize the work of all for the good of all.

The Office for Mission will act as the “front door” to the CSSJ and will field all calls, emails, and inquires, which will then be directed to the appropriate personnel. It will provide a single point of access and information for our campus community but also for our many community partners, alumni, and friends, who wish to connect with this aspect of Stonehill College’s efforts.

The personnel and positions that are directly affiliated with the CSSJ are listed here and will remain in their current locations. The activities of each of the units of CSSJ will take place, as they have in the past, at various campus locations as appropriate and available. The Mission Statement of CSSJ follows:

CSSJ Mission Statement

The Center for Service and Social Justice animates the mission of Stonehill College through works of equity and advocacy. Alongside community partners, students learn to build community, live in solidarity, and bring about a just society, while crossing borders of every sort in the spirit of Holy Cross.

The Stonehill Downtown Center for Community Engagement (DCCE)

The Office for Mission would also like to announce the official opening of the Stonehill Downtown Center for Community Engagement (DCCE), which will provide another venue for the programming and activities of the CSSJ. Located at 68 Legion Parkway in Brockton, the DCCE is the former headquarters building for Harbor One Bank. It is in partnership with Harbor One that the space has been made available to us, and at which we look to join with our nonprofit partners in providing enhanced educational and service opportunities for the Stonehill community and the region.

The DCCE provides classroom, meeting, and activity spaces for anyone who wishes to use them. Stonehill has also created a nonprofit incubation space at the DCCE for use by local nonprofits, at which Stonehill provides space and services to support the nonprofits, while creating a synergistic venue at which each can benefit from the presence of the others.

If you wish to plan a visit to the DCCE, or if you would like to use the space for your purposes, please contact Sara Morris. Information about an Open House will be forthcoming.


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