Nadia Gay

Community Organizer; Community Leader; International Missionary; Eradication of Poverty and Hunger Advocate; Immigration Educator

NADIA GAY is a Senior Auditor at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Additionally, as a Wellness and Multicultural Ambassador for the organization, she assists, encourages and motivates employees to take part in the wellness programs it offers; and she participates in activities sponsored by the organization in many diverse communities.

As an international community organizer and leader, Nadia prides herself on her ability to bring people together for a great cause.  Each year, Nadia embarks on an annual missionary trip to Haiti, her native country.  There she works with a local orphanage to bring much needed resources to the children living there and also to some local schools and clinics in many other parts of the country. She has also engaged in microfinance by providing small loans to men and women in Haiti, which encourages and supports their entrepreneurial endeavors.

In the United States, Nadia spends her time helping vulnerable immigrant communities.  Whether it’s by helping eligible immigrants apply for citizenship; volunteering as a case reviewer for the Department of Children and Families; providing assistance to homeless families; or delivering food to needy families, Nadia does not pass up an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Nadia’s compassion for others earned her a Woman of the Year award from the City of Brockton in 2011, and a Volunteer of the Year award from her employer in 2009.  Nadia continues to donate her time and resources to volunteerism in her community.

In her spare time, she takes dance lessons, goes for long walks, and enjoys reading and gardening with her daughter, Bianca.