Melonie Griffiths

Organizing Director, Jobs with Justice; Community Advocate; Black Lives Matter; Income and Inequality

MELONIE GRIFFITHS has a long history of community engagement/ advocacy in the Boston area. Her work as a community organizer began at City Life/ Vida Urbana, shortly after fighting off a post foreclosure eviction that allowed her and her family to remain in their home.

She played a crucial role in building a base of community leaders that organize around housing displacement and gentrification in Greater Boston and Brockton. As lead organizer, she anchored national bank negotiations, shared the anti-displacement organizing model and coordinated mass mobilizations. Much of this work happed through the National Right to the City Alliance, where she served as a steering committee member for 2 years. In 2103 she became the Organizing Director of Mass Jobs with Justice after serving on the Executive Committee for 4 years. She is currently organizing communities in Boston and Brockton around worker’s rights, immigrant rights, public education and corporate accountability. As part her effort to build a black organizing network in Boston, she is currently committed to prioritizing projects that open up access to political education and leadership development for grassroots leaders of color.

Her affiliations include:

Black Immigration network (BIN), Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD), Black Education Justice Institute (BEJI), Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ), Black United Struggle Coalition, (BUSC), NAACP Labor and Economic Development Committee and the Boston Taxi Drivers Union Advisory Council.