Dominique Ellis

Emerging Leader; Youth Advocacy / Development / Mentoring

DOMINIQUE ELLIS, a Brockton native who is a determined worker that has been and continues to be involved with helping the inner city youth since 2008. Over the past several years, she worked with numerous organizations such as Old Colony YMCA, Brockton Association Multicultural Services Inc. (BAMSI), and Department of Youth Services (DYS).  Each of these working experiences helped grow her passion and motivated her to devote her life to helping the youth in any way she can.

Outside of Ms. Ellis working environment, she has dedicated her time to many charitable causes, like Angel Tree which is an organization that help parents who are incarcerate provide Christmas presents for their children. A volunteer mentor for the Catholic Charities organization, and help remodeled homes in New Orleans after Katrina.

Although Dominique Ellis has devoted her time to help aid the growth of today's youth, she is looking for more.  Ms. Ellis is the Co-Founder and President of an up and coming non-profit teen center called Inspiring Souls Inc. She has very high hopes that Inspiring Souls will develop our youth to expand their thinking and to know the future holds nothing but great things if they only believe in themselves.