5th Annual Summit on Women and Leadership

Friday, April 29, 2016 | 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. | Stonehill College, Martin Institute Auditorium

"And the Women Gather"

Outstanding women leaders from North Carolina, New York, Brockton, Boston and from the Stonehill Student Body will gather at Stonehill College, April 29, 2016 to reflect on their work as they share insights, extend their wisdom, and underscore important lessons from social justice and movement building work in marginalized urban and rural American cities and communities and on Stonehill Campus. 

The women’s work spans over many decades and covers a range of disciplines.  This unique opportunity will offer narrative stories, dialogues, critiques and critical thinking about practices and trends in grassroots community development /organizing / leadership development; capacity building and advocacy; electoral politics and public policy advocacy; international peacebuilding—women as peace builders and peacekeepers,  positive youth development and cultural arts; early childhood education, higher education and popular education; restorative justice and criminal justice reform; health and human services; brownfields,  community gardening,  and healthy eating ; social and innovative philanthropy; and, impact of racial injustices, racism and poverty resulting in trauma in communities, families and the human soul.


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Summit Goals

  1. Share reflections and lessons on social justice movements from the field;
  2. Share local, regional and national strategies and current trends in community organizing / leadership and transformation work from the field;
  3. Discuss observations and projections about the future of community organizing / leadership work, and policy, from a social, economic and political perspective;
  4. Use narrative stories, first hand experiences and action driven data to link practice and theory;
  5. Network, rejuvenate, mentor, and, build a shared knowledge bank for on-going value exchange.

Special Guest Participants

Cynthia D. Brown

Public Policy, Leadership and Organizational Dev.; Racial and Social Justice; Electoral Politics; Former City Councilor of Durham, N.C.; Race, Class and Power

Classie Parker

Grassroots Community Organizing; Nutrition; Urban Community Gardening; Grassroots Leadership; Harlem Children's Zone Resident

Bridget Beatty

Grassroots Community Organizing and Leadership Development; Community Development; Harlem Children's Zone Original Organizer

Patricia Simon

Community Economic Development in Far Rockaway Queens, NY; Civic Engagement; Neighborhood Empowerment; Social Entrepreneurship

Che Madyun

Grassroots Community Organizing Development and; Leadership; Arts & Culture, Higher Education Professor; Community Transformation

Monalisa Smith

Violence Prevention, Mobilization; Leadership; Personal and Community Trauma Healing; Equitable Justice Advocate; Communicator

Melonie Griffiths

Organizing Director, Jobs with Justice; Community Advocate; Black Lives Matter; Income and Inequality

Elizabeth J. A. Siwo-Okundi, M.Div., Th.M.

Theologian, Social Justice Advocate / Liberation Theology; Morals & Values; Spiritual Practices; Contemplative Meditation

Rev. Sandra Dorsanvil

Theologian; Mission; Faith and Belief; Spiritual Renewal; Human Rights

Karen Watkins-Watts

MBA, Fund Development; Grant Writing; Higher Education Professor

Dominique Ellis

Emerging Leader; Youth Advocacy / Development / Mentoring

Di'Andra Butner

Emerging Leader; Youth Advocacy / Development / Mentoring

Sarah Cleto Rial

International Human Rights and Peacebuilding; Human Rights Advocate; Girls and Women Leadership / Education; Peace and War

Joyce Rain Anderson, PhD

Associate Professor of English; U.S. Ethnic and Indigenous Studies for the Pine Ridge Initiative at BSU; Community Healthcare Advocate

Dianne Wilkerson

Attorney, Government & Public Policy; Legislator; Social Justice; Electoral Politics; Community Economic Development Advocate

Deidre Noyes

President, Massachusetts Women in Law Enforcement; Public Safety

Nadia Gay

Community Organizer; Community Leader; International Missionary; Eradication of Poverty and Hunger Advocate; Immigration Educator

Tabitha May-Tolub

Youth Development; Trainer; Facilitator; Founder, Roots & Wings; Communicator; Mentorship; Diversity Engagement

Isabel Lopez

Grassroots Organizer, Justice Advocator; Trainer / Facilitator