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Stonehill College’s graduate degree and certification programs provide students with the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to thrive in their field and to expand their career options. 

Here, students benefit from rigorous academics and a commitment to compassionate leadership. In addition, graduate faculty advisors provide comprehensive, holistic and personalized assistance to support them through all aspects of the academic experience.

Faculty advisors work in tandem with the graduate program director to confirm that students are accurately and appropriately informed and guided. Guidance in the areas of course/degree requirements, selection, registration and completion is administered by the graduate program director.

Inclusive Education

Our Graduate Teacher Education program at Stonehill College prepares teachers to be leaders and critical thinkers. Schools today are complex and diverse communities — reflecting a landscape rich with individual differences. Teachers in our program are prepared using a unique combination of theoretical and practical experiences. This approach ensures their ability to create and lead equitable spaces where difference is valued while at the same time preparing them for the realities and challenges of the classroom and the profession.

Integrated Marketing Communications

The future belongs to those who understand the creative art and science of marketing communications. Stonehill College's integrated marketing communications (IMC) graduate degree program will prepare you for marketing in the digital information age and help grow your career. Now you can develop your creative lens — on your schedule!

Data Analytics

The Data Analytics Master of Professional Studies Degree Program at Stonehill provides students with the in-demand skills and knowledge necessary to analyze data and extract actionable information from complex data sets.

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The Office of Graduate Studies assists students as they explore graduate and professional opportunities offered at Stonehill College.