Eric Newnum

Eric Newnum, assistant director of education loansCurrent Position: Assistant Director of Education Loans in the Student Financial Assistance Department.

Years at Stonehill: 12

Favorite Stonehill moment: In 2011, I spent an incredible week with an amazing group of students on a Habitat for Humanity build in South Carolina. Their hard work and dedication to making a difference has really informed some of my values. I also had the pleasure of sharing the long car ride with Domenique Ciavattone ’13, Melissa LaNeve ’13 and Peter Ryan Zayac ’13 in what came to be known as “van awesome.”

Piece of advice that I often give: Borrow wisely. Education loans are a part of paying for college that many students and parents utilize, but we always advise families to borrow only what is absolutely necessary and encourage students to know what they owe.

Most challenging part of my job: Some of my favorite aspects of this job are also some of the most challenging. It is my job to help students navigate the complexities of student loans and hopefully come to a place of understanding.

Question that students most often ask me: I have a lot of conversations about education loans. Most often, families want to know what are the different loans available to them.

Best spot on campus: I often walk through the Cushing-Martin Building during lunch to see the exhibits in the Carol Calo Gallery and the student art that is displayed in the studio spaces.

Words of wisdom: I was speaking with a man on the street one day, when I asked him, “What are you doing today?” He replied, “I’m goin’ to let the day come to me.” It has stuck with me for many years now. I took it to mean that he was living in the present moment. I have tried to follow his example.