Heard on the Hill

Heard on the Hill eight notable Stonehill tidbits

Honey Harvest: With more than 50,000 Italian honeybees in its hive, The Farm at Stonehill produced around 70 pounds of honey last season. A three-ounce jar sold for $10, with the proceeds reinvested in The Farm. The bees keep busy, pollinating plants and benefiting from the nectar and pollen produced by The Farm’s flowers and fruits. To buy Stonehill honey, email bmeigs@stonehill.edu.

Pope Francis: “I love the work he’s doing, how he’s so down-to-earth. We’re taught as Catholics you’re supposed to be there for the poor, but he really walks the walk…His whole outlook and personality are contagious,” Lauren Rossi ’18, one of nine students who attended the Papal Mass in Philadelphia last year.

Celebrating Cervantes: A classic of western literature, Don Quixote, by Cervantes, turned 400 last year. In tribute to the novelist, Spanish Professor Antonio Barbagallo organized a Cervantes reading marathon in the MacPháidín Library. Each participant read from the adventures of the ramshackle knight as he rides through Spain seeking glory.

Knit One, Purl Two: With the growing popularity of domestic tasks, from knitting to bread making, students in Assistant Professor of Philosophy Megan Mitchell’s Feminism and New Domesticity class critically studied the meaning of this trend and also tried their hand at knitting. At a charity knit-in this fall, students made hats for premature infants.

Effective Resumes:  In 2014-2015, 88 percent of students who submitted resumes for the #hirestonehill program were invited for an interview, according to the Career Services Office.

Purple Ice: “You know you go to Stonehill when even the ice melt is purple,” anonymous Yik Yak post from January 2016. It’s purely coincidental, but the commercial ice melt that the College uses to deice its sidewalks and pathways is called Purple Flame.

Precollege Program: In July, Stonehill will offer a new and selective three-week, precollege program on campus for rising high school juniors and seniors. Students accepted into Summer@Stonehill will experience challenging three-credit, college-level courses taught by Stonehill professors in communication, fine arts, journalism, political science and psychology. Applications are now available. For more information, visit stonehill.edu/precollege/.

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