The Giver

By Maura King Scully
Third grade teacher Nicole Bollerman ’10 made a wish for her students. The wish turned into a gift that kept giving.


SAM takes a look at 64 years of Stonehill Commencements, recalling hailstorms, high-profile speakers, helicopter landings and more.

Must-See TV

By Tracey Palmer
Did you catch Brad Scudder ’04 on “Shark Tank” and Micah Christian ’06 on “America’s Got Talent”? See what it was like for these two alumni behind the scenes.

Now What? Tips on Navigating Finances Post Graduation

By Kimberly Lawrence
Track your spending and live within your means—these are two tips offered to new grads from Stonehill financial experts. Here, they share more tips and pitfalls to avoid.