Summit Issues: Newspaper Celebrates 65 Years

The first issue of The Summit appeared during the second year of the College’s existence. Published on Thursday, Nov. 3, 1949, it was a slim four page bulletin of news and campus information and, in explaining the name of the College’s student newspaper, the editors wrote: "The ideals of Stonehill are those of all Catholic education, the seeking of God first, and then the pursuance of earthly knowledge. The Catholic educator, then, teaches from the SUMMIT of a hill, where he can not only examine the works and ways of men, but also look up, with an unhindered vision, to God." Now in its 65th year, The Summit is still going strong. It boasts more pages, a Web presence and a broadcast component called Sky News. Here we showcase a sampling of the newspaper’s front pages through the decades.

At the Helm

More than 50 alumni have held the editor-in-chief position at The Summit. Below, three of them share insights and memories of their tenure at the helm of the paper.

“What I remember most is the great camaraderie among the editors, especially on layout night. We would all stay up to the wee hours, listening to music, eating takeout from the caf and working hard to design the paper and proofread the articles. We would all be exhausted the next day, but we’d get a great feeling when we saw students reading the finished product.”
— Sarah (Corrigan) Murray ’05
Content Manager at

“When I first walked into The Summit office as a freshman in 1968, I had no idea that it would lead to a career that I’ve found immensely satisfying and also to several lifelong friendships. My work as a student journalist made me more effective in dealing with reporters as head of communications at Boston University, and my work as editor helped to develop skills that I’ve used as an administrator and as a lecturer teaching communications to undergraduate and graduate students.”
— Kevin Carleton ’72
Special Assistant to the President for Communications at Boston University

“Working as editor-in-chief of The Summit was a critical part of my Stonehill experience. It gave me the opportunity to hunt for my own stories, manage a team of great writers and see what it’s like to be a part of a well-read news source. Most importantly, working on The Summit gave me a taste of real-world news writing and where news is headed in the future.”
—Jessica Kennedy ’12
Site Editor at TechDecisions Media

To read The Summit from this semester, visit here.