Eight notable Stonehill tidbits

Bag Toss: The Alumni Office introduced a set of Stonehill cornhole boards at Alumni Day in January. Created by Jeffrey Cuqua ’09 from New England Custom Cornhole, these boards will also be featured at many future alumni events.

Literary or Not: For Ryan DiFalco ’16, the most influential people in her life at Stonehill are “Itzy” and “J-Dawg.” They also happen to be her English professors Daniel Itzkovitz and Jared Green. As she noted in Rolling Stonehill, “They taught my LC [Learning Community] during my sophomore year, and it was the best experience of my life. Not only that, but I know I can always go to them for whatever problem, literary or not. They’re good people.”

On the Menu: On its breakfast menu, The Farmer’s Daughter in Easton has an egg special called the Stonehill. For $4.95, the toasted bagel sandwich comes with a choice of fried or scrambled eggs layered with Vermont cheddar cheese. Additional
toppings such as tomato, sprouts, avocado, sausage and bacon can also be piled on!

Still Growing: With a new hoop greenhouse or over-wintering structure, The Farm at Stonehill has been growing winter greens like spinach and kale despite subfreezing temperatures. The produce is delivered to local food pantries and families in need. The hoop greenhouse was fully funded thanks to support from the Class of 1964 as well as a second year of funding from the Harold Brooks Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Co-Trustee.

Black Mass: Pulitzer Prize-winning alumnus Gerard O’Neill ’64 reports that the film version of his bestseller Black Mass—about Boston gangster Whitey Bulger—will hit movie screens in September. In it, Johnny Depp plays Bulger while Benedict Cumberbatch plays his brother Billy.

Free Charging:
Electric car owners can now charge their cars at a station behind the Sports Complex. There is no cost for using the station, which our solar partner, Solect Energy Development, underwrote.

Local Ties: With the campus straddling the Easton-Brockton line, we note the large number of alumni who live in both communities—496 in Easton and 430 in Brockton.

Trivia Graduation March: Approximately how many footsteps does it take to get from the top of the Donahue steps to the bottom of the hill? A) 165 B) 250 C) 400

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