Volunteer Spotlight

Staying Involved

One Stonehill alumni event that has a history of success is the 0-4 Reunion each fall (formerly the Young Alumni Reception). In recent years, some of this success can be attributed to alumni volunteers—such as Julie Mills ’13 and Patrick Julian ’13—serving on the event’s Host Committee.

Invited to join the 0-4 Reunion Host Committee by Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs Aine McAlister ’11, both Mills and Julian were eager to help. Says Mills, who attended the event last year, “It was a simple but great way of bringing together Stonehill alumni in Boston. I immediately agreed to help this year.”

The 0-4 Reunion was held on Oct. 18 and was attended by nearly 400 graduates from the classes of 2014-2011. Host Committee members—made up of alumni from each of the attending class years—helped spread the word about the event and encouraged
classmates to participate.

Julian enjoyed the volunteer experience, noting, “The hosts worked together so well to make the event successful. The alums seemed very enthusiastic about being there that night.”

Mills lives in Boston and constantly sees familiar Stonehill faces but says it is rare to have the “chance to be at such a large event exclusively for fellow Stonehill graduates. The atmosphere it creates is very enjoyable.”

Following the success of the event, both Mills and Julian were interested in volunteering their time with the Alumni Association further, so they joined the GOLD Committee.

Mills is excited to get started and help plan future events. “I hope this experience will provide me with opportunities to not only keep in touch with my classmates, but also to form new connections with alumni I have not had the chance to meet yet.”

While he was a student, Julian volunteered with the Student Alumni Association. Now as an alumnus himself, he sees his volunteer efforts as a logical step. “After years of working with the Alumni Office to help plan events for students, I see my
time and effort as the best ways to help Stonehill now that I have graduated,” he says. “ I consider it important to stay involved with the Stonehill community.”

According to McAlister, “The 0-4 Reunion Host Committee was a great introduction to alumni volunteerism, and Julie and Patrick are going to be great contributors to the future success of the GOLD Committee.”

Both Mills and Julian would like to remind their classmates that membership on the GOLD Committee is open to all recent graduates. They encourage others to join them.

To get involved, email alumni@stonehill.edu.