Feeley’s Folly
In response to the Bridge Builder caption on p. 9 [SAM, Winter/Spring ’14], I was in the Holy Cross Seminary from 1967–1970, and yes, Fr. Thomas Feeley, C.S.C. requested support from the seminarians to complete the bridge. We called the project “Feeley’s Folly.” There were about six members from the “Sem,” as well as some others from the men’s dorm who worked on the bridge. Fr. Feeley was a treasured friend. He was one of four priests who married my wife, Barbara (Morrissey) Colligan ’71, and me. —Donald Colligan ’71, Plymouth, Mass.

Race to Read
I thought the most recent issue of the Stonehill Alumni Magazine [Winter/Spring ’14] was brilliant, both in content and layout. It also doesn’t hurt that it had an unusually high quotient of items about my graduating class (1993), but that’s neither here nor there!

Thanks for the great work you do. My wife, Gretchen (Boml) Lordan ’93, and I really love the publication and generally race to finish it first.
—Matt Lordan ’93
Litchfield, N.H.

Richard Schiffmann '54Joyful Collaboration
I have to confess that when I got the Stonehill Alumni Magazine [Winter/Spring ’14], I was anticipating seeing something about the Alumni Service Award ceremony.

As I turned the pages, my anticipation was disappearing. But then “Before You Go” [p. 41] appeared, with an excerpt from my speech at the ceremony. What a great heading and placement! I hope our collaboration brings joy and pride to all alums.
—Richard Schiffmann ’54
Barnstable, Mass.

In the last SAM, we asked alums to share their best advice with the graduating class. We received many insightful responses, including these two:

Your most important asset is your time. Guard it. Use it judiciously for what counts most. You cannot know how much of it you will have. You can do little to increase it. Everything that wastes time steals part of your life. Focus when you work. Put work aside when you play. Love like there is no tomorrow. Pray that there is a tomorrow. Savor every moment, even the tough ones. From them you will learn how precious time is. Thank God for all you have, every day.
— Richard Yanikoski ‘68

You’ll find that Stonehill has so much to offer alumni, from readings on campus to networking events that can help you find the perfect job. Always make sure to come back for Reunion. Also, stay in touch with Stonehill friends—they’ll continue to mean the world to you years from now.
—Mary (Harrington) Hart ’94

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