Anne (Pollick) Sant ’88

Stonehill Director of Alumni Affairs Anne (Pollick) Sant '88Current Position: Director of Alumni Affairs

Years at Stonehill: 25

Favorite part of my job: Working with the alumni volunteers. It always amazes me what can be achieved when talented, motivated and generous people work together. 

Something I wish every alum knew: That they are important to the College. Whether they graduated 60 years ago or just this past May, they are still a part of Stonehill’s vibrant community. While their undergraduate years were limited, they are alums for life.  

Best spot on campus: The staircase in front of Donahue Hall, overlooking campus. If I turn one way, Donahue reminds me of Stonehill’s humble beginnings. If I turn the other, spread out below me, is the vision realized. As a student working on campus in the summer of 1986, I watched Stanger Hall being constructed from there and thought, “Wow! Stonehill has arrived!” Nearly 30 years later, I think how wrong I was. Stonehill was just getting started.   

Alumni event I enjoy most: The Pillar Society Induction Dinner, when members of the 50th Reunion class are inducted into Stonehill’s 50-year club. It’s the highlight of the year for me. Fifty years post-graduation, the classmates are back together on campus, marking another milestone in their lives. 

Busiest time of year in the Alumni Office: Mid-April to whatever Monday follows Reunion in early June. I compare Reunion to having 1,200 guests come to your house for the weekend. Our guests need to be fed, entertained and, a great many of them, housed. Reunion, in the moment, is chaotic and exhausting but, upon reflection, is gratifying and always filled with important moments, both large and small.