NPR: Stonehill one of 50 Schools Nationwide that Make the Most Financial Sense

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Stonehill College is one of 50 schools nationwide that NPR singled out as making the most financial sense.

NPR's Planet Money team looked a more in-depth look at the federal government’s recently released College Scorecard and used the data to create its own rankings of four-year colleges and universities.

It called on Peter Cappelli, a professor at UPenn's Wharton Business School, to use his expertise to create a list of schools that make the most financial sense. Cappelli's rating includes: on-time graduation rate (50%), default rate (16%), share of students receiving federal loans (16%), average income six years after entry (16%).

Stonehill makes financial sense for a number of reasons, according to Eileen O’Leary, assistant vice president of student financial assistance at the College.

“The College counsels students well, they are gainfully employed after graduation, and we provide loan information and outreach to families and alumni,” says O’Leary. “Most student loan defaults are among those who do not finish college, and our graduation rate is consistently very high.”

Stonehill ranks 45th on NPR's list, excerpted below.

Schools That Make Financial Sense

Rank | Institution Rating % Who Graduate In 6 years Default Rate % Of Students Recieving Federal Loans Average Wage, 6 Years After Entry
40 Stevens Institute of Technology 1.26 78% 2.60% 66% $60.8k
41 Claremont McKenna College 1.25 92% 0.00% 9% $59.1k
42 University of Virginia-Main Campus 1.25 93% 1.70% 24% $52.7k
43 Vanderbilt University 1.24 92% 1.30% 13% $58.6k
44 Middlebury College 1.24 94% 1.60% 25% $50.6k
45 Stonehill College 1.23 83% 0.40% 69% $43.4k
46 Fairfield University 1.23 81% 0.90% 51% $54.8k
47 Carleton College 1.22 93% 2.30% 47% $38.8k
48 Thomas Jefferson University 1.18 72% 0.80% 62% $65.2k
49 University of California-Los Angeles 1.18 91% 2.20% 37% $46.8k
50 Union College 1.17 86% 1.40% 57% $44.5k