Distributed Requirements

Scientific Inquiry & Statistical Reasoning Courses

Social Scientific Inquiry, Natural Scientific Inquiry and Statistical Reasoning courses are a requirement of the Cornerstone Program and may be fulfilled at any time and through a variety of courses.

In these courses, students develop an understanding of the history, methodology and associated societal values of each discipline. This helps students become more effective communicators, collaborative leaders and engaged citizens.

Recent Social Scientific Inquiry Courses

  • General Psychology (Psychology)
  • The Economics of eBay (Economics)
  • Crises, Conflict, and Control (Sociology)

Recent Natural Scientific Inquiry Courses

  • From Gutenberg to Gates (Computer Science)
  • Aids and Emerging Infections (Healthcare Administration)
  • Planets, Moons and the Search for Alien Life (Physics)

Recent Statistical Reasoning Courses

  • Statistical Reasoning: Chance (Mathematics)
  • Political Science Research Methods (Political Science)
  • Introduction to Statistics (Psychology)