Writing Program

Stonehill has developed a comprehensive writing-across-the-curriculum program tied to the core curriculum. All First Year students take a themed, writing-intensive First-Year Seminar followed by an engaging Writing-in-the-Disciplines course taken in the second or third year.

First-Year Seminars

First-Year Seminars explore engaging topics in a wide variety of fields and focus on improving students’ writing and thinking skills, to lay a solid foundation for academic inquiry. We believe that writing and critical thinking are foundational skills, and our First-Year seminars emphasize frequent writing, close reading, and rigorous analysis.

Professors who teach First-Year Seminars are passionate about their chosen topic, and their enthusiasm is infectious.

Writing-in-the-Disciplines Courses

Writing-in-the-Disciplines courses provide students with opportunities to write at a more advanced level within their chosen discipline. Our goal is to challenge students to write at increasing levels of sophistication and to increase versatility within particular fields. Writing-in-the-Disciplines courses are typically situated within individual departments and majors.

Additional Writing Support

Our academic program also provides a great level of writing support along the way for those students who need additional practice, guidance or confidence building.

The Center for Writing & Academic Achievement

The Center for Writing & Academic Achievement (CWAA) offers Writing Tutoring and other academic support services in a welcoming, professional environment that emphasizes collaborative learning and peer tutoring, supplemented with professional-level support. The CWAA also coordinates the Writing Fellows and Teaching Assistant programs.

The Writing Fellows Program

The Writing Program and the CWAA offer the Writing Fellows Program to support writing-intensive courses at Stonehill. A Writing Fellow is an undergraduate teaching assistant who is specifically charged with supporting writing activities in the classroom.