Art History Minor

The Art History Minor at Stonehill blends in-depth study of artistic periods and individual artists’ styles with experiential learning that can put students in a local teen art program or in a museum halfway around the world.

Travel to Italy to study Renaissance art or ancient pagan and Christian cultures. Explore the world of French art and literature of the 19th Century in Paris or Provence. Work with teenagers to create public art for their communities. Curate an exhibition in the Cushing-Martin Gallery. Learn on the job in a gallery or museum internship.

Art as an Expression of Culture and Ideology

Stonehill art history students deepen their understanding of art as an expression of various cultures and ideologies.

Our students experience art aesthetically, historically and as a means for personal expression. Our program promotes the investigation of connections between art and other disciplines such as history, psychology, gender studies and religious studies. 

Opportunities for Advanced Study

Many of our graduates pursue advanced study as scholars, art therapists, art administrators, curators or museum educators.

  • Take advantage of our “extended classroom” as students study on site at museums, galleries and historical sites in New England and New York.
  • “Live” the arts as you study abroad in Florence, Perugia, London or Paris.
  • Collaborate with teenagers from Brockton, Mass., to create public art for their communities.
  • Curate an exhibition in the Cushing Martin Gallery in our capstone course, “Exhibitions and Collections.”
  • Learn on the job in a museum or gallery internship.

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