Data Science Courses

Code Course Credits

DSC 201

Introduction to Data Science

Offered: Fall Semesters

Introduction to the theory and practice of data science. This course exposes students to the range of applications across fields and provides rudimentary coverage of data structures, simple data queries, the types and goals of analytic models and modern visualization. Lecture, exercises, projects and guest speakers.

Course may be applied to the Data Science and Sports, Science & Society programs.


DSC 395

Data Science Integrated Project

Offered: Offered Periodically

This is a project-based interdisciplinary course, required of all minors. Students apply data management and analytical skills to large scale data mining and modeling projects appropriate to their major disciplines. Participating students meet weekly in a seminar format, working with faculty guides, to design and develop their projects, reporting regularly to the seminar about progress and challenges.

Course may be applied to the Data Science program.