Master of Science in Applied Economics at Boston College

Boston College and Stonehill College have arranged for the preferred admission of qualified Stonehill students to the Master of Science in Applied Economics Program at Boston College. The agreement offers a practical and comprehensive curriculum to students interested in acquiring skills related to the analysis and interpretation of economic data across a variety of fields.


  • Waiver of application fee
  • Waiver of Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
  • Preferred admission without the competition of the rest of the applicant pool
  • Two courses (up to six credits) from Stonehill will transfer to the Applied Economics program as two graduate courses if the qualified student has completed them with a grade of B or higher
  • Option to complete the eight remaining course requirements in one additional calendar year


  • Anticipated successful completion of a bachelor’s degree from Stonehill in May of senior year
  • Overall GPA of 3.30 or above at Stonehill
  • Submission of all Applied Economics application materials by the published Boston College deadline for entry into the term beginning the next fall