Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Analysis at Regis College

Regis College and Stonehill College have arranged for the preferred admission of qualified Stonehill students each year to the Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Program at Regis College. The agreement provides a benefit for Stonehill students who are psychology majors who are interested in learning how to effectively apply behavior-analytic procedures to solve behavioral problems of social importance and improve conditions for those who exhibit problematic behavior and skill deficits.


  • Application fee waived
  • Enroll in up to two ABA Program courses at no cost
  • GRE waived if the ABA Program courses are taken and the grade earned in the fall course is a B or better
  • Preferred admission without the competition of the rest of the applicant pool


  • Seniors with a major in psychology
  • Anticipated successful completion of a bachelor’s degree from Stonehill in May of senior year
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.30 at Stonehill
  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty member in the Stonehill Psychology Department
  • Submission of all application materials by the Regis College deadline

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