Public Administration & Public Policy Minor Requirements

Department Chairperson:William Ewell

Office: Martin Institute 222

Phone: 508-565-1262

The minor in Public Administration & Public Policy requires the completion of six courses.

Complete Six Required Courses

Code Course Credits

BUS 333

Organizational Behavior

Offered: Fall and Spring Semesters

The study of individuals and groups within the context of the organization. Topics include leadership, motivation, group processes, decision-making, workplace diversity, power, conflict and negotiation, communication, and organizational culture. Particular emphasis will be placed on relevant and important issues facing organizations today. Extensive use of teams, cases, skill-based exercises, and readings.

Course may be applied to the Business and Sports, Science & Society minors.


ECO 176

Microeconomic Principles

Offered: Fall and Spring Semesters

Economic analysis of product and resource markets. The consumption behavior of households, the price and output decisions of firms under various forms of market structure, the distribution of income.

Equivalent to ECO 110. May not take both.


ECO 178

Macroeconomic Principles

Offered: Fall and Spring Semesters

Descriptive, historical and theoretical treatment of the overall level of economic activity, prices and employment within the framework of American capitalism. Contributions of Smith, Ricardo, Keynes, and others.


POL 123

American Government and Politics

Offered: Fall and Spring Semesters

The primary goal of this introductory course is to provide a broad understanding of governmental institutions and political behavior in the United States. This course covers the development of institutions and ideas from the founding era, the interaction among institutions and between the levels of government in the formulation and implementation of public policy, and the impact of citizens and groups on the American political system.


POL 337

Public Administration

Offered: Spring Semester

Administration of public affairs; how public policy is put into effect by government bureaucracies; theories of government organizations; the political setting of bureaucracies; problems of budgeting and personnel; efficient and humane conduct of public business.

Course may be applied to the American Studies program.


POL 280

Introduction to Public Policy

Offered: Fall Semester

The course examines the roles that values play in the making of public policy, considers why some problems reach the public agenda, and why some policies succeed. Using a variety of policy problems, students will hone their ability to analyze complex issues and develop concise reports of their findings and recommendations.

Course formerly offered as POL 351 Public Policy Analysis. Students may not take both POL 280 and POL 351.