Financial Assistance

Financial assistance for cadets takes various forms, including up to a $500 monthly tax-free subsistence allowance for Advanced Course cadets, and an allowance for summer camp(s).

Four-Year Scholarships

The program provides financial assistance to highly qualified and motivated high school seniors considering military service as army officers. Scholarships are valued at the amount of full tuition per year. Additionally, scholarship winners will receive a flat rate of $600 per year for books and up to a $500 monthly tax-free subsistence allowance. Applications for two, three or four-year scholarships may be made during the high school years.

The deadline for early application is July 15 prior to the senior year. The deadline for regulation application is November 15 of the senior year. Requests for application packets may be sent to: U.S. Army ROTC Scholarship, Fort Monroe, Virginia 23651. Packets are also available in the Military Science Department at Stonehill College. Contact the Stonehill ROTC office at 508-230-5014.

Advanced Designee ROTC Scholarships

Non-ROTC Scholarship Years: Advanced designees receive no special treatment for the year(s) in which they do not receive ROTC funding. Students should file a complete Financial Aid Application to receive consideration for aid available from other sources.

Three- and Two-Year Scholarships are awarded to outstanding college students who are either already enrolled or planning to enroll in the U.S. Army ROTC Program. Interested first-year and sophomore students may apply up to March 15 to the Assistant Professor of Military Science, Stonehill College. These scholarships provide the same financial assistance from the Army as the four-year award.