English Department Awards

2017 Writing Prizes

The English Department has recognized the following students from the class of 2017 for excellence in critical and creative writing.

Anthony Ellis Post-Graduate Fellowship Award

The English department congratulates Deirdra Chapman, the recipient of the 2017 Ellis Fellowship, which will assist with tuition and fees as she commences her MAT English Program at Bridgewater State. As Deirdra states in her application materials: "The reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking skills I have acquired specifically through my English coursework [at Stonehill] have made me confident in my ability to be an asset to any employer. I not only feel comfortable...teach[ing], I feel confident using my skills in a business or administrative setting in the future...Part of my personal philosophy of education is that I want to effectively get my students to understand the value of English as a core subject. There is a reason why these skills are taught. They may not love literature as much as I do, and may never "need" to understand what the green light in The Great Gatsby symbolizes, but they will need to know how to write persuasively and speak confidently no matter what path they choose to take after high school."

The Dolores Shelley Prize for Creative Writing

  • Gaelin Farrell '18: "Abnegation"

The Barbara Estrin Prize for Outstanding Seminar Paper

  • Llewyn Murray '17: "'Exist and Multiply’: Phrenology and the Racial Legacy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin” 

The Robert Goulet Prize for Outstanding English Paper

  • Daria Laboutina '18: "Monsters and Milk: Transgression and the Power of Motherhood in Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis"